Specialisms and difficulties treated

I have a particular specialism in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as depression, anxiety and symptoms of psychosis (hearing voices and paranoia). 

I believe that many of the difficulties or symptoms we experience are a consequence of adverse experiences. The first step in therapy is often to build an understanding of the past and how it relates to today. I think it is important to ask the question ‘what has happened to you?’ rather than ‘what is wrong with you?’.  Sometimes this guides us to focus on processing past events during therapy. Sometimes this helps us to understand what changes we need to make in the present in order to move on from the past. 

There are different options for treatment and it is important to choose the next step that you are ready for. During the initial sessions we work together to make these decisions and make a plan for therapy. 


Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Enfield and Online

e: daniel@skehantherapy.co.uk

Practice rooms: 10 Genotin Terrace, Enfield, EN1 2AF

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Daniel Skehan HCPC Psychologist

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