Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

NET is a therapeutic approach designed to help with the processing of multiple traumatic events. It is a helpful approach when someone has experienced a number of difficult events in their life, which may include childhood abuse, bullying, natural disasters, physical injury, accidents etc.

The approach starts with the creation of a ‘lifeline’, which is like a timeline of important events in one’s life (both positive and negative). The therapy sessions then take each event one by one and ensures each memory is processed. The approach is particularly helpful in addressing the cumulative impact of trauma. This is when multiple trauma memories get activated at the same time due to the associated feelings (i.e. distress, anxiety, terror etc.). Flashbacks or intrusive memories and feelings may be particularly difficult as more than one trauma memory is triggered at the same time (although it might not be experienced that way).

This systematic approach can make a big difference for people who may have thought a change in symptoms was not possible. 


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