Compassionate mind therapy (CMT)

Compassionate mind therapy (CMT)

CMT is a form of cognitive therapy that highlights the role of self-criticism and our relationship with ourselves. I like to think of this approach as ‘learning to be on our own side’. It can help to understand this approach by asking yourself ‘what if I could never be critical or attacking of myself ever again?’.

You may initially think, ‘that would solve many of my difficulties!’. However, after some thought you may reflect on the role of self-criticism in your life – this is the function of it. Here are some possible examples:

  • It helps me to be a good person (or stops me from being a bad person)
  • It motivates me to learn from mistakes and try harder
  • It pushes me to achieve my goals

Of course, the ultimate aim is to be happy. It is interesting that the side-effect of self-criticism is to make us unhappy! Compassionate mind therapy is an approach that helps us to minimise these side-effects while maintaining self-progression and self-correction.


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